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Yahoo: Cheaper, Safer, Tax-Efficient Gold as Retirement Investment

LAFAYETTE, 30 May 2009 - Entrust New Direction IRA, the self-directed IRA administrator for US retirement savers, today announced a relationship with BullionVault, the world's leading online provider of investment gold bullion.

The resulting product provides Entrust New Direction's US clients with low-cost, tax-efficient access to gold through their self-directed IRA and other tax-sheltered plans.

"Our clients love the flexibility of BullionVault," said Catherine Wynne, president of New Direction.

"They just open a self-directed IRA and can begin buying and selling gold bullion at 4am in their pajamas if they want - with all the tax advantages of any kind of retirement investment."

Speaking from London, BullionVault director Paul Tustain said "We have been looking for the right IRA provider for some time. Gold is simple, but too many intermediaries insist on high account management fees."

Entrust New Direction, in contrast, recognizes that gold is a simple investment to administer.

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