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Global Investor: Gold bulls on the run

LONDON, 1 June 2009 ? Global Investor magazine ? Euromoney Inc.'s flagship periodical for institutional investors ? today quotes analysis from world-leading gold specialists BullionVault into the metal's current weighting in investment portfolios worldwide.

"Gold is still undervalued compared to previous bull markets," the subscription-only monthly reports, quoting Adrian Ash, BullionVault Head of Research.

"At current prices all the gold ever mined accounts for less than 2.7% of global investments. In 1932 and 1982, the two previous peaks of investor stress, that proportion stood between one-fifth and one-quarter of financial assets by value."

"What's more," the magazine quotes Ash directly, "gold prices tend to rise further when cash-in-the-bank fails to keep pace with inflation, and with real interest rates now standing at close to, or well below zero worldwide, they only look set to fall further as central banks print money..."

You can read Global Investors full report here (£495 subscription required)

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