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Media coverage of BullionVault - Leading Gold Market Commentator Launches Free 'GoldNews' Service for Private Investors

LONDON, Nov. 27, 2006 -- Recruits Leading Financial Commentator to Launch Free GoldNews Service for Private Investors, the low-cost gold trading service for private investors, has recruited one of Britain's top financial commentators to launch its new gold news and analysis service, GoldNews.

Adrian Ash joins BullionVault from Fleet Street Publications Ltd -- the UK's leading publishers of financial advice for private investors, where he was head of editorial. GoldNews is a free service devoted to making the latest gold news and analysis accessible to private investors.

"I'm delighted to be joining BullionVault," says Ash, a regular contributor to MoneyWeek magazine and City correspondent for the renowned Daily Reckoning email since 2003.

"The gold market looks set to catch fire in 2007, and BullionVault has the stand-out offer for private investors -- the most secure gold at the best prices anywhere in the world.

"GoldNews is going to match that offer outright, providing clear and accessible analysis of what's driving the gold market. Visitors to the website will find -- for free -- what's driving both the short-term market today as well as the bigger picture."

All-time record debt amongst consumers, government and financial corporations makes the "safe haven" of gold a very attractive investment, according to Ash. "This unprecedented bubble in credit is about to turn down," he says.

"BullionVault will prove the very best place to be as the spectacle unfolds."

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