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Metro: The 'Sensible' Way to Buy Gold

LONDON, 2 April 2019 – BullionVault is named today as the sensible way to invest in gold by Metro, the UK's highest-circulation daily newspaper.

Distributed free across major commuter routes nationwide, the Metro is read by some 1.4 million people each day, beating top tabloids The Sun and the Daily Mail.

"Disillusioned by Brexit, Laura and Simon Delew decided to invest in something that had nothing to do with the UK economy," the paper's Metro Money section reports today, saying that they spent £40,000 with a coin and small-bar dealer.

"However, if you have gold at home it will weigh heavy on your insurance policy," Metro goes on.

"It's more sensible to buy gold from a reputable company such as BullionVault, which will also store it for you in Switzerland."

You can read the full story on page 24 of today's Metro, or see it online here:

Money: Going for gold