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FT Money: 'Why I'm Buying Gold (and How)'

LONDON, 30 March 2019 – This weekend's FT Money, the award-winning personal finance supplement from the Financial Times, today carries an interview with a UK user of BullionVault.

"Although I liked the stability and reassurance that came with gold as an asset class," says the customer, "I realised that buying coins wasn't very sensible as there are lots of associated costs."

That's why he switched to using BullionVault, trading at low cost online and storing his gold in secure vaults.

Alongside comment from a number of private-bank and other wealth managers, plus specialist consultants Metals Focus, FT Money's report also carries BullionVault analysis of the investment case for gold.

Today's FT names only BullionVault as a way for private investors to get into physical gold.

You will find the full report on pages 12 and 13 of today's FT Money in the Weekend FT, or online here:

Raising the bar into a safe haven

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