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Valencia Plaza: Wholesale Gold Comes to Spain's Retail Investors

LONDON, 29 March 2012 - Valencia Plaza, the online newspaper for Spain's third-largest city, today announces the launch of BullionVault's new Spanish language website, and calls the London-based business "the market leader for physical gold investment on the internet.

"The number of investors in the Eurozone who use BullionVault has tripled since the [region's] debt crisis began," says Valencia Plaza. "BullionVault hopes to repeat in Spain the success it has enjoyed in France, Germany and Italy.

"Through the BullionVault platform, which is open 24 hours a day, users can buy and sell freely at the price of their choosing. This contrasts with the traditional way in which has been available until now, which is to say via intermediary distributors who impose their price on each transaction."

Spanish speakers can read the full story at Valencia Plaza here. Or see a rough English translation here.

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