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Diario Abierto: A New Way to Invest in Physical Gold

LONDON, 29 March 2012 - Spain's Diario Abierto today reports the launch of BullionVault's new Spanish-language website and user support.

Of all the choices available to gold investors today, "It's easy to see physically buying gold, and waiting for delivery of your goods, as the most dangerous option," says the financial newspaper, which is based in Madrid. "But now a company has arrived in Spain allowing private individuals to buy physical gold at the same price as wholesalers charge" with instant settlement inside secure, professional vaults.

"BullionVault is a platform that allows you to buy gold and silver without going through intermediaries," says Diario Abierto. "The process is simple, just requiring the investor to open an account and deposit funds (with no minimum) to start buying and selling.

"The more urgent question for each user, evidently, is where is his gold?"

"The metal is kept in three high-security vaults in London, Zurich or New York," explains Maria Vengut of BullionVault, speaking from the company's London office. "The users can see the full list of their assets every day, and the custody company which operates the vaults provides a list of the amount of bullion that is there, so the buyer can verify it for himself."

Spanish speakers can read the full story here at Diario Abierto, or read a rough English translation here...

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