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The Times: Forget BRICS, It's Time to Invest in SWAG

LONDON, 16 June 2012 - Secure, low-cost gold and silver trading service BullionVault is today highlighted as a way to buy precious metals in The Times, the UK's second-biggest 'quality' weekday newspaper.

"Millionaires and billionaires are ploughing increasing amounts of money into precious jewellery, art and fine wines as they grow more disenchanted with the returns from shares and cash deposits," says The Times' personal finance correspondent Mark Atherton.

"The dash for expensive goods with the potential to hold their value in uncertain times has even spawned a new acronym - 'Swag' - meaning silver, wine, art and gold."

With a recent study from Barclays claiming that high-net-worth individuals now hold nearly 10% of their savings in these "luxury" assets, "Purchases of gold as an investment have surged from barely 5% of total gold demand 10 years ago to 35% today," says The Times, and "it is now seen as a core investment asset."

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