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Bilanz: Vaulted Gold "Very Low Cost"

LONDON, 24 February 2012 - Physical gold and silver market BullionVault today features in a report from Bilanz, the leading Swiss business magazine.

Published monthly by Axel Springer - the integrated media group behind 240 newspapers and magazines in 35 countries worldwide, including Bild and Welt in Germany - Bilanz currently boasts a print circulation of 37,500 with a readership of 197,000.

"Gold is a hot investment tip for 2012," says the magazine, "so investors need to know which form of investment to choose." Quoting forecasts of $2000 gold by 2013, and advising a 10% allocation by private investors, Bilanz's special report then looks at the different forms of gold investment, comparing gold bank-accounts with exchange-traded funds, mining shares, jewelry, and physical gold held in secure vaults outside the banking system, known in German as "tresorgold".

"If you want to hold gold as security, then it has to be physical," says financial advisor Alex Hinder. "Tresorgold is very low cost for buying, selling and storing," says Fabian Haunss, managing director at independent comparison site TrustableGold.

"Stored in high security facilities with insurance included, tresorgold is also much safer compared to gold stored at home or in a bank safe. Tresorgold can be traded like a bond or security. But unlike those assets, the investor is not exposed to the risk of the issuer. Even in the event of insolvency, the gold remains his property."

Bilanz urges its readers to choose a good provider, based on several minimum standards: 100% ownership, storage with insurance included, external auditing of gold holdings, and the possibility of taking physical delivery at any time.

"Tresorgold is a Swiss invention," claims the magazine, but "there are only few providers in Switzerland. Several international provider like BullionVault (London)...who have vaults in Switzerland, offer vaulted gold also to local Swiss investors."

You can read the original story in German at Bilanz here, or read an English translation here...

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