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Daily Telegraph: Gold Price "Will Plunge Below $1000"

LONDON, 1 March 2012 - Forecasts of a sharp drop in the gold price quoted by the UK's are today countered by comment from BullionVault.

"Perhaps unsurprisingly, Adrian Ash of BullionVault took a different view," says Ian Cowie, The Daily Telegraph's long-standing personal finance editor, on his blog for the newspaper - Britain's best-selling quality daily.

"The uptrend starting at Lehmans' collapse remains unbroken, monetary policy remains abject worldwide, and the debt crisis remains unfixed and unaddressed," says Adrian.

However, "extricating yourself from credit risk with physical bullion of course exposes you to price risk. That risk is growing more volatile the longer we spend behind the looking glass of sub-zero real rates."

You can read Ian Cowie's blog at here...

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