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The Daily Telegraph: Gold Outperforms Fund Managers

LONDON, 21 December 2011 - Analysis from world-leading gold and silver exchange BullionVault is published today in The Daily Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality newspaper.

Featured on page 2 of the Business section, "Gold has performed better than all UK fund managers since the start of the financial crisis," says the research from BullionVault, which is based on market-leading data sources for the retail investment fund management industry.

"Over the five years to mid-December, gold bullion priced in sterling returned 218% after storage costs, while silver rose 175%," says The Telegraph.

"In the same period, the best performing UK-domiciled fund open to retail investors returned 120%, factoring in dividends and fees, according to BullionVault...which compiled the data."

You can read the full research report from BullionVault, cited by The Telegraph, for free on GoldNews here.

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