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Nikkei Veritas: BullionVault "Part of a Global Phenomenon"

London, 25 December 2011 - Nikkei Veritas, Japan's leading weekend financial newspaper, today carries an exclusive interview with Paul Tustain, founder and CEO of BullionVault, the world's No.1 gold ownership service online.

Part of the Nikkei Inc. group, one of the largest media corporations in Japan, and specialising in financial, business and industry news, the Nikkei Veritas' parent newspaper enjoys a circulation of well over 3 million.

"In China, 2% of private saving is going into gold. India's gold investment is increasing as well. Central banks are purchasing gold and European central banks are increasing their reserves. That is the global phenomenon," the Nikkei quotes Paul, speaking at BullionVault's office in West London.

"Our European clients, especially from Italy and France, are increasing in number. There is a real panic because private investors fear they may lose their assets by leaving them in their countries."

Looking ahead to 2012, "The gold price has now risen in 12 of the last 13 years and has proven to be uniquely suited to this global financial crisis so far," Paul continues.

"Because of the ongoing European crisis, interest rates continue to be held very low. That will force ever-more savers either to take greater risks in investment products, or to buy property free from credit risk. The rise will continue."

Nikkei Veritas subscribers can read the full story on the newspaper's website.

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