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Hard Assets Investor: Gold Is Insurance, Not a Safe Haven

LONDON, 25 October 2011 - Commodity news and analysis site Hard Assets Investor today publishes a detailed interview with Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault, the world's No.1 physical gold and silver market for private investors online.

Noting that the London-based online gold and silver exchange now holds more than 26 tonnes of gold for its users, Hard Assets Investor's managing editor Drew Voros asks Adrian for his insights into the biggest drivers of gold prices right now, and the longer-term outlook.

"Gold is suffering from a case of mistaken identity," says Adrian when asked why gold is falling amid the latest stage of the Eurozone crisis. "Several times in the last 10 years it was mistaken as a risk asset...a kind of happy, pro-growth investment, which very much jars people's perception of gold being a safe haven."

But that much-used phrase "safe haven" is also misleading, says Adrian, calling gold "insurance" instead, as it tends to pay off over the longer-term when volatility and losses hit other assets.

"Anyone who's piling into [government] Treasurys has to remember that the imminent cause of this state of the crisis now is sovereign insolvency."

You can read the full interview with Adrian Ash at Hard Assets Investor here...

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