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Media coverage of BullionVault Must Gold Bandwagon Crash?

LONDON, 27 September 2010 ? ANALYSIS from world-leading gold trading and ownership service BullionVault features at length today at, the UK broadsheet newspaper's highly ranked website.

"Gold prices of $1300 or £827 per ounce have prompted some advisers to warn investors against joining a 'bandwagon', while others claim competitive devaluation of currencies around the globe must drive prices higher," writes personal finance editor Ian Cowie in his much-followed blog.

Reviewing expert analysis from several London fund managers and advisors, "The inherent problem with gold is trying to value an asset denominated in a fundamentally valueless currency; namely paper," says The Telegraph.

But "the trend of fiat currencies [is] somewhat predictable," says Tim Price of PFP Wealth Management. "They all tend to depreciate over time against harder assets," and now "The cold war of competitive devaluation is starting to heat up," adds BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash.

You can read The Telegraph's full report ? included extensive quotes of Adrian's latest view on the market ? at Ian Cowie's blog here.

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