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Der Tagesspiegel: The Safest Money in History

LONDON, 30 September 2010 ? Berlin daily paper Der Tagesspiegel today carries an exclusive interview with BullionVault founder and CEO, Paul Tustain.

The German capital's newspaper of record, Der Tasesspiegel has a circulation of some 150,000. Paul's interview took place at this week's conference of members of the London Bullion Market Association at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, just by the Brandenburg Gate.

"Gold protects your money from economic failure, whether inflation or deflation," Der Tagesspiegel quotes Paul, who launched BullionVault in 2005 and now cares for over $1 billion in property on behalf of 20,000 customers worldwide.

"Currencies can get devaluated when there is a lack of trust, but gold is the perfect way to retain purchasing power.

"I am not saying that gold is always a good investment. [But] you should buy gold when there are signs the economy is going bad. I expect gold to be good until governments act to strengthen their currencies.

"Currently, however, they are in a battle to weaken them."

German speakers (and anyone using BabelFish) can read the article at Der Tagesspiegel here.

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