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MoneyWeek: Why You Should Buy Gold

LONDON, 20 August 2010 ? The UK's No.1 private investor magazine, MoneyWeek, today recommends BullionVault as a secure, low-cost route to outright gold ownership.

"Some will tell you that gold, being a commodity, is not a good investment during deflation," writes Dominic Frisby, MoneyWeek's inhouse gold analyst, in a special 16-page report on Why You Should Buy Gold.

"Ignore them. During a deflationary bust, currencies can collapse. Gold cannot...You want to be holding money ? and gold is money.

"The market leader in physical gold ownership online, BullionVault...focuses solely on dealing and storage," Frisby continues in his in-depth report for MoneyWeek subscribers ? now numbering almost 22,000 and growing by 8% so far this year.

Alone amongst the short list of services that MoneyWeek names, BullionVault is "backed by the World Gold Council and recognised by the Queen's Award for Enterprise," the magazine notes.

You can read MoneyWeek's latest gold and silver news - and subscribe to the weekly magazine - at its website...

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