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Kapital & Steuern: "BullionVault ? Die absolute Nr. 1!"

LONDON, 13 January 2010 ? ? the world-leading gold trading and ownership service ? has been selected by German subscription advisory Kapital & Steuern as "the absolute Number 1" for private investors.

"BullionVault enables you to trade gold at the very lowest prices, and store your metal offshore," writes Markus Miller, editor of Kapital & Steuern (Capital & Tax), a service devoted to asset protection and risk management.

"Personally, I have now been using BullionVault for four months, testing it with real money, and I'm absolutely impressed with its functions, costs, service ? the total package.

"Until a few months ago, I advised against physical precious-metals investment. But my practical experience with BullionVault has led me to create this special report."

Also highlighting 3 further options for German investors wanting to own physical gold, Kapital & Steuern ? which is published by Investor Verlag, Germany's leading source of financial advice for private investors ? selects BullionVault as its "absolute No.1" choice on the basis of security, pricing, transparency and ease-of-use.

You can order Kapital & Steuern's report (in German) here...

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