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City AM: The man with the Midas touch

LONDON, 29 Jan. 2010 ? Paul Tustain, founder and CEO of world-leading gold ownership service BullionVault, today features in the business profile pages of City AM, the free newspaper distributed each day to 350,000 finance professionals in London's Square Mile and Canary Wharf districts.

"Few people can say that Gordon Brown gave them a great business idea," says the paper. "[But] when the current prime minister, then chancellor of the exchequer, sold off the nation's gold supply in the late 1990s, Tustain decided that was a good signal to buy."

City AM reports how, faced with the same difficulties and unnecessary costs most new gold buyers face today, Paul Tustain began researching and developing what's since become the UK's No.1 gold ownership provider.

"Four years after launch," the paper says, "BullionVault has 15,000 regular users who own and trade more than £500m in gold bars. All trades are allocated, and all client's gold is kept in three vaults in Switzerland, London and New York, rather than on a bank's balance sheet."

You can read the full story at City AM...

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