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Investment International: Will gold's "bubble" finally pop in 2010?

LONDON, 7 January 2010 ? Research and analysis into the outlook for gold prices in 2010 by world-leading gold ownership service BullionVault is published today by Investment International, the monthly subscription magazine for ex-pat UK investors.

"The Noughties were the worst decade for equities since at least the 1820s," writes BullionVault's Adrian Ash. "They also gave the developed world its first synchronized real estate slump. Bond-buyers have enjoyed a three-decade run, but to continue that bull market in 2009, zero per cent interest rates seemed the final insult to retirees and savers."

But cash savers across the West had long suffered zero to negative returns after inflation, Ash notes ? and "Low to subzero real rates of interest, which are the common denominator between this last decade's four-fold gains in gold and the inflationary 1970s, negate the opportunity cost of owning gold rather than holding cash."

You can read the full article at Investment International here.

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