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Media coverage of BullionVault Gold ? safe haven from shrinking Sterling and rising inflation

LONDON, 21 April 2010 ? The Telegraph newspaper's website ? one of the top 25 sites in the United Kingdom ? today features gold-trading and ownership service BullionVault on its popular personal finance blog.

Noting BullionVault's dramatically lower price-offer for private investors, "The Sterling price of gold has soared by more than 320% to £745 in the last 10 years," writes Ian Cowie, personal finance editor at The Daily Telegraph since 1989.

"That is lower than the record of £754 it hit earlier this month, but gold bugs claim there are good reasons to expect a recovery."

Cowie looks at how Sterling gold prices have moved following UK general elections since 1970, quoting analysis from Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault.

Ash also shows how gold has risen because cash savers have been "hammered" by sub-zero rates of interest after inflation.

"Cash savers have lost nearly 4p in the Pound during the last year in terms of reduced purchasing power," he says, adding that you have to back 30 years to find real rates of interest this bad.

"In 1980, base rates were at 17% and the cost of living was rising at 21%. It's just like those bad old days now."

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