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MarketWatch: Gold futures hit closing record

LONDON, 11 May 2010 - Comments from, the world-leading gold trading and ownership service, are quoted by US newswire MarketWatch in its latest update on the gold market.

Comparing the new all-time highs in the gold price with the ongoing Eurozone debt crisis, "Relief over the EU's nearly $1 trillion plan to back debt-strapped nations in the euro zone waned," MarketWatch reports.

"Might the Eurozone states now sell gold at all-time highs to help settle government debt today?" it quotes Adrian Ash, head of research at

Not likely, he adds. "Even at today's prices, selling the euro zone's entire stock of gold wouldn't cover the first ?440 billion they've pledged to each other in cross-border loan guarantees."

Go here to read MarketWatch's report. Or get Adrian's full analysis of Why the Eurozone Won't Sell Gold here.

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