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Wealth Briefing: Successful UK Gold Trading House Has That Glowing Feeling

LONDON, 21 April 2009 - BullionVault - the world's leading gold investment service online - today features on, the subscription site for the private wealth-management industry.

"The profit margins are wafer-thin," notes the site's Goldfinger column. "BullionVault made a pre-tax profit of £1.75 million ($2.55m) on turnover of £267.7m last year [because] this firm has driven down the average cost to private investors of trading in gold."

Detailing BullionVault's revolution for private gold investors, "The heart of BullionVault's service was to build on the existing vaulting services available to professionals in London, New York and Zurich," Wealth Briefing goes on.

"The company's internet-based services give a retail-oriented wrapping to these professional vaults, granting much wider access to the big-bar-gold they store."

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