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H-Online: Gold with an open source soul

LONDON, 22 April 2009 - - the world's leading provider of physical gold bullion investment online - today makes the subject of an in-depth feature at top software news and analysis site, H-Online.

Specializing in free and open source software news for professional developers, The H reports how, "despite the large amounts of gold and money involved, at the heart of BullionVault is an open source soul.

"The systems behind BullionVault were created by Kris Jenkins, CTO and Alex Edwards, COO - and they say they couldn't have done it without open source."

H-Online's detailed report on BullionVault's open-source development breaks into 3 parts:

"Using a pragmatic mix of open source and proprietary software," concludes H-Online, "BullionVault has created a novel way to deal in gold twenty four hours a day - and it's that approach which has seen them awarded a Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation this year."

You can read H-Online's detailed report on its website here...

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