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Reuters: Golden allure

LONDON, 15 May 2009 - Buying and trading gold through BullionVault - the world's No.1 gold-dealing and storage provider for private investors online - gave a former antiques dealer in London nearly 35% gains inside 8 months, reports Reuters today.

"If I'd put [my money] in the stock market, I could have lost the lot," says Clark Berger of West Hampstead. "If I'd put it in a bank, it could have gone bankrupt. If I'd stuck it under my mattress, I could have been robbed and had nothing left."

Choosing instead to buy, own and trade physical gold stored securely inside professional facilities through BullionVault, Mr.Berger now plans to stay invested in gold throughout 2009, expecting another run higher over the summer.

"Gold prices are unlikely to substantially retreat," agrees respected HSBC analyst James Steele, "until investors are assured that the Federal Reserve and other central banks will be able and willing to combat inflation, should it increase, once a recovery takes hold."

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