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MoneyWeek: Where to go for gold

LONDON, 13 November 2009 ? BullionVault ? the UK's leading provider of physical gold to private investors ? is named today as a key destination for new buyers looking to cut risks and costs by MoneyWeek, the UK's best-selling financial magazine.

"In the long run, [gold's] going to head higher," says Dominic Frisby, professional comedian, active private investor, commodities analyst at MoneyWeek, and the voice of Rusty ? the abandoned caravan parked at Silver Hatch ? in kids cartoon smash Roary the Racing Car alongside Peter Kay.

"So think about buying in now. [It's] the best way to protect your wealth. You bullion and have it stored for you, allocated in your name, with Bullion Vault ("

"I prefer to keep my long-term savings in physical bullion," Frisby goes on, also quoting analysis from BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash that points to what is needed before gold's multi-year bull market reaches its end.

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