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MSN Money: Hidden gold

LONDON, 13 November 2009 ? Reporting growing concerns that consumers selling "scrap" jewellery for easy cash are getting less than they should, MSN Money today features comments from BullionVault ? the professional gold-ownership service for private investors.

"Not all gold is equal," says Adrian Ash, Bullionvault's head of research, speaking to MSN's UK news team. "Depending on the form it takes, the gold you own could be worth very much more ? or less ? should you choose to sell it."

MSN then looks at how the value of gold varies depending on the form it takes, running from Kate Moss's Siren statue (gold content: £796,000) to Mr T's chains (£289,000), Buzz Aldrin's gold visor (£3.50), and the FIFA World Cup trophy (£98,182).

Today's report at MSN ? the UK's 10th largest website by traffic ? also calculates the net loss to UK taxpayers incurred by Gordon Brown's "Brown Bottom" gold sales of 1999-2002.

You can read the whole story, including BullionVault's comments, at MSN Money here...

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