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Mail on Sunday: The gold rush fuelled by fear

LONDON, 27 September 2009 - - the UK's leading provider of physical gold ownership to private investors - features today in a report by the Mail on Sunday on what it calls "the gold rush fuelled by fear."

Detailing how BullionVault gives investors and savers legal ownership of investment-grade gold - held in the form of professional market-approved bars - the Financial Mail quotes the experience of satisfied customer Dave Harrison of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

"After Lehman Brothers it seemed everything was going pear-shaped and I wanted something more secure for some of my savings," the health-insurance director tells the Mail.

After researching his options in the gold market, he opened a dealing account with BullionVault.

"It seems a simple way for the ordinary person to own a bit of gold," says Mr.Harrison - who currently holds about one-fifth of his liquid assets in gold.

"It is in a vault in London and I don't have to worry about it. I'm not earning anything on my cash in the bank and it has been doing all right in gold."

You can read the full report, comparing BullionVault with other routes to gold investment, at the Mail on Sunday's website.

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