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CNBC World Business: A Golden Opportunity

LONDON, 29 September 2009 - CNBC's World Business this week featured BullionVault, the world-leading provider of physical gold ownership online, as a low-cost and convenient way to buy and sell gold for investment.

Also highlighting the development of ?gold parties? where cash-strapped consumers sell jewelry to raise money, World Business contrasted this trend with BullionVault's innovative service, interviewing a long-time gold investor and BullionVault user, Ian Dunbar.

A retired doctor, he explains why he turned to gold at the start of this decade, and why he continues to invest today. More crucially, he recounts the difficulties he faced when first trying to buy gold - difficulties he found were overcome by using BullionVault online.

You can see BullionVault featured on World Business here...

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