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FT Money: Give me gold over paper

LONDON, 19 September 2009 - A detailed review of how to buy gold in the Financial Times today names BullionVault as a simple and low-cost option for private investors.

The UK's No.1 provider of investment gold, and the world's leading provider online, BullionVault is compared against gold coins, exchange-traded trusts, mining shares and investment funds.

"If you think of gold as a currency rather than as a metal," writes Merryn Somerset Webb - editor of MoneyWeek magazine - in her weekly column, "the medium-term trend has to be up."

Responding to FT readers' requests for the "how" of gold investment after a recent column explaining the "why", at BullionVault "you buy an actual allocated amount of gold," she reports, "[but] you don't have to pay the kind of premiums that come with coins and small bars."

You can read Merryn Somerset Webb's column in full at the FT website and republished in MoneyWeek...

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