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World's Fastest-Growing Gold Service Beats Market Pullback to Double in Size

London, UK July 6, 2007 – grew faster than every other gold investment product during the second quarter of 2007.

Offering outright gold ownership from just $4 per month, BullionVault saw the gold held by its customers grow by nearly one-third of a tonne between April and June - an increase of 13% from the end of Q1 and an increase of 101% from the end of June 2006.

BullionVault's online competitors, however, shrank in size between April and June, while the leading exchange-traded gold funds (ETFs) suffered net withdrawals of 11.6 tonnes all told.

"The second quarter proved very tough for the wider gold market," said Paul Tustain, founder and director of BullionVault from his offices in London today.

"But these figures show BullionVault's combination of high security, low-dealing costs and easy accessibility is proving very attractive to retail gold buyers."

BullionVault has just launched German-language access to its gold market online. Italian and French sites will be launched later this summer. The company now looks after property worth more than $71 million on behalf of 18,000 customers in 68 countries worldwide.


BullionVault enables private customers to buy gold in the "Good Delivery Bar" form accepted by professional bullion markets - whatever the preferred size of their purchase. This eliminates the loss of integrity and value associated with buying small gold bars for private custody.

BullionVault arranges all storage in professional recognised bullion vaults, in London, New York, and Zurich. It saves the customer significant dealing and holding costs through reduced trading spreads, the elimination of fabrication and delivery charges. Storage and insurance fees are just 0.12% per year.


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