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Financial Times: Experience pays at BullionVault

LONDON, August 29, 2007 - has just been featured by the Financial Times, Europe's leading financial newspaper.

Charting the company's development by Paul Tustain, founder and director, the Weekend FT reports how "private buyers found it extremely difficult, and often prohibitively expensive, to acquire gold" before the advent of BullionVault - "not least because of the cost of storing and securing high quality bars of bullion."

"By storing all the bullion in a single vault," the newspaper goes on, "Mr Tustain calculated that he could dramatically cut the cost of keeping the precious metal, a major expense in gold ownership."

With just seven employees, Paul Tustain has now built a business that was profitable in its first year of trading on a turnover of £31m. BullionVault now has 14,000 registered users in 68 countries and gross bullion sales of more than £3m a month.

To read the complete article, click the image above - or you can read the FT's online version.

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