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Gold Bullion Investment Set to Soar After UK Government Grants Tax Relief up to 40%

Gold Bullion Investment Set to Soar After UK Government Grants Tax Relief up to 40%

LONDON, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Gold buyers in the UK can now claim up to 40% tax back on investment-grade gold bullion. A free information site has been launched to help the UK public take advantage.

The 2006 Budget, passed into law this week, permits investment-grade gold bullion to be included in Self Invested Personal Pensions [SIPPs]. These popular government approved schemes allow individuals greater control over the investments within their pension.

Gold has doubled in value against sterling over the past six years, and investor interest continues to thrive. With growing public concerns about mainstream investments, gold bullion is increasingly seen as a sound portfolio diversifier.

To aid the UK public in selecting a SIPP provider for their gold investment, has launched, which features a number of companies primed to offer gold SIPPs. has actively lobbied the UK Government to allow gold into SIPPs, and was delighted when the Government agreed. From a start-up only 1 year ago, has rapidly become the world's number one way for retail customers to buy professional gold. It now stores 1.5 tonnes of client bullion in its international vaults, and grew 68% in Q1.

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BullionVault ( lets private customers buy gold in the "Good Delivery Bar" form accepted by professional bullion markets - whatever the preferred size of their purchase. This eliminates the loss of integrity and value associated with buying small gold bars for private custody.

BullionVault arranges all storage in formally recognised bullion vaults, in London, New York, and Zurich.

BullionVault saves the customer significant dealing and holding costs through:

  • Reduced trading spreads,
  • The elimination of fabrication and delivery charges,
  • The worlds lowest storage and insurance charges

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