Internet investment gold checklist

You want to buy gold, but you don't know how.

Who to trust, what are the risks...

...and which is the right service to use?

To help you make a better decision, the mining industry's World Gold Council just published a detailed new report.

This free guide offers to help make your own decision. Because it gives you 6 key points to check and assess for yourself.

Here's how we believe BullionVault meets these aims and guidelines...


Product Using BullionVault 
Do you obtain outright ownership of physical gold?     More info
Are you buying “investment gold”?     More info
Can you withdraw or easily liquidate your gold?     More info
Is the product provider trustworthy?     More info
Does the product provider adhere to any regulation or voluntary “standards”?     More info
Fees and other costs  
What are the costs for buying/selling the gold?     More info
What are the ongoing costs?     More info
Are there any additional costs?     More info
Marketing and sales  
Are the potential returns and risks stated objectively?     More info
Are you able to make investment decisions without undue pressure?     More info
Operational management  
How is the gold acquired?     More info
What are the storage,  insurance and cash management arrangements?     More info
Are the gold holdings independently audited?     More info
Is the provider using best practices in information technology?     More info


The Internet Investment Gold checklist also examines so-called "tokenised" gold, where – unlike BullionVault – you own a cryptocurrency instead of physical gold.

To download the full report, you simply need to register your email address with the World Gold Council.

You will then gain access to all of their research, data and analysis of gold investing more broadly