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Mail on Sunday: The Ultimate Safe Haven

LONDON, 14 May 2024 – Data and analysis from BullionVault today lead a 2-page article on buying gold as geopolitical tensions worsen in the UK's Mail on Sunday.

Reporting the highest circulation of any Sunday paper, The Mail looks at the rapid gold accumulation by Russia and China, warning how some military analysts believe this presages new conflicts.

"Ensuring your investment tracks the gold price is essential," says The Mail, explaining that you can do this either through an ETF trust fund or "buying gold through an online marketplace such as BullionVault that then holds it on your behalf."

Detailing BullionVault's features and charges, the piece quotes BullionVault price data, analysis of investment returns and typical investor holdings. 

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As world lurches from crisis to crisis, experts share their 24-carat advice on How - and when - to GO FOR GOLD

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