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Manager Magazin: German Gold Investors Take Profit

LONDON, 7 March 2024 – The latest Gold Investor Index data and comment from BullionVault features today in Manager Magazin, the monthly business magazine for professional decision-makers and executives in Germany.

Part of the Speigel group of publications, and with a paid circulation of 100,000 copies, "Investors living in Germany have now sold 4.1% of the gold they had purchased in the past ten years," says the magazine, noting the precious metal's run of new all-time record high prices.

"For other BullionVault customers, that figure is as high as 12.1%."

Read the full story (in German) in the latest edition of Manager Magazin or online here:

Goldbesitzer nutzen Höchstpreise zum Ausstieg

Manager Magazin