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Mail on Sunday: Who's Driving Gold's New Record Highs?

LONDON, 11 June 2023 – Data, analysis and comment from BullionVault today leads an in-depth article on the case for investing in gold published in the financial pages of the Mail on Sunday, the UK's best-selling weekend paper on public circulation data.

"The gold price in sterling hit a record high of £1,653 at the start of May," says the Mail, quoting BullionVault's analysts that gold is most likely "being quietly stockpiled by central banks in China and Russia.

"Experts believe prices are set to head higher if there is another financial crisis."

Read the full story – which also highlights this summer's "stunning" Luxury and power: Persia to Greece exhibition of ancient gold and silver artefacts at the British Museum, supported by BullionVault – at the Mail's personal finance site ThisIsMoney here:

Could China and Russia be the mystery buyers driving up the price of gold to record highs?

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