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Daily Telegraph: Gold's Inflation Puzzler

LONDON, 14 January 2022 – Analysis from BullionVault is quoted today in The Daily Telegraph, the UK's conservative-leaning broadsheet newspaper, about the impact of rising inflation on gold investment and prices.

With inflation surging near post-WW2 highs in the US, there's "reason to expect the price of gold, the world's oldest inflation hedge, to take off. But it hasn't," says The Telegraph's Questor share tips column.

The paper quotes BullionVault's Adrian Ash, "a seasoned watcher of the metal", to explain that while 2020's record demand for investment gold left 2021 struggling to repeat those inflows, capping its price, the precious metal's long-term appeal as "portfolio insurance" is undimmed. 

You can read the full story in today's Daily Telegraph, or online here (subscription needed):

Inflation to hit 7pc but the gold price is becalmed. What's going on?

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