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Daily Telegraph: Convenient, Safer, Allocated Gold

LONDON, 7 May 2021 – BullionVault is named today as a convenient, safe way to invest in gold by the Daily Telegraph's personal finance and investing team.

"Buy gold and Bitcoin, we advised in our last Wealth Preserver column," says the newspaper's Questor columnist.

"Yes, but how?" many readers asked.

Listing BullionVault's low dealing and storage fees, plus the choice of vault locations and the current £2.7bn value of the physical property its customers own, The Telegraph explains how BullionVault enables private investors to access the professional gold market's low costs and high security.

This means you can "transact in the metal without the need for a check on purity every time," trading allocated bullion.

Gold ETFs are also suggested, but no other physical bullion service is named. You can read the full report, including tips on how best to buy crypto-currency Bitcoin, in today's Daily Telegraph, or with a subscription online here:

Questor: How to buy gold and Bitcoin for your wealth preservation portfolio

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