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Mail on Sunday: How to Buy Gold

LONDON, 1 August 2021 – BullionVault is named today as a simple, safe and low-cost way to buy physical gold for investment by the Mail on Sunday, the UK's best-selling 'midmarket' weekend paper.

"Buy gold from a company that will store it for you," says the full-page report on gold investing in today's Money Mail section.

"So, you own it, but never actually see or touch it. For example, with BullionVault, you can buy as much or as little gold (or silver or platinum) as you like."

Detailing the charges and choices available, the Mail also notes that for UK taxpayers, "you can hold gold, too, in your self-invested personal pension, using BullionVault."

Read the full report in today's edition of the Mail on Sunday, or online here:

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