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Mail on Sunday: New Client Count Jumps 3-Fold

LONDON, 22 March 2020 – Data, analysis and comment from BullionVault today leads a full-page report in the Mail on Sunday – the UK's second best-selling Sunday paper – on the jump in gold investing demand amid the worsening global virus pandemic.

With the gold price in British Pound terms now 30% higher from this time last year, "The number of investors opening new accounts is nearly three times that of last year's average," says The Mail, "and [also] above that of serious gold-buying sprees in the past such as during the 2016 Brexit vote and September 2011 when the Euro crisis raged and London was embroiled in riots."

Read the full story in today's Mail on Sunday or here online:

Demand for gold is soaring as investors seek a safe haven from market chaos

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