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Handelsblatt: Investing in Gold? Do It Right

LONDON, 9 October 2020 – BullionVault is today called a "pioneer" in physical gold investment by  Handelsblatt, the No.4 top-selling newspaper in Germany.

Comparing different ways of buying precious metals for investment, ownership of large gold bars stored in specialist vaults is now available from 1 gram at a time, the newspaper explains.

"The pioneer is the British supplier Bullionvault."

Handelsblatt's 6-page special on "Investing in times of crisis" also quotes BullionVault comment and analysis on why central banks hold gold bars among their assets, plus the "remarkable appetite" for gold among private investors in Germany.

Read the full story in today's edition, or online (also in German, subcription needed) at Handelsblatt here:

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