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CNBC: Gold Scams to Beware as Virus Spreads

LONDON, 6 March 2020 – First-time gold investors are being targeted by scammers, but there are simple signs to beware says BullionVault, quoted alongside other experts today by leading US finance news-site CNBC.

"The price of gold spiked again this week but scammers are also capitalizing on the surge," warns CNBC.

One scam, says BullionVault's Adrian Ash, is over-charging unwitting investors for "rare" coins that are in fact very common.

"Another is the 'empty vault' method," he tells CNBC, "in which the dealer promises to provide safe storage for metal owned by the investor which either does not exist or is not as promoted."

Learn what to beware and how to stay safe at CNBC here:

As gold prices gather momentum, scammers are looking to capitalize