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Wealth Briefing: How to Handle Inherited Gold

LONDON, 6 March 2019 – Wealth Briefing, the magazine site for Europe's private banking and wealth management professionals, today publishes a view from BullionVault's Adrian Ash on how to handle gold bullion bequeathed by a client to their heirs.

"However hard some commentators might dismiss gold as part of a portfolio," writes Wealth Briefing editor Tom Burroughes, introducing Adrian's article, "its durability as a store of value over thousands of years is not an accident.

"Besides the asset allocation considerations, wealth advisors should consider how to treat gold in inter-generational wealth transfer – one of the most important issues for the industry as Baby Boomers retire and pass away."

You can read Adrian's article in full here:

What To Do With A "Forever" Gold Inheritance?

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