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Mail on Sunday: Facts About Gold Sovereign Coins

LONDON, 3 November 2019 – BullionVault tips and money-saving suggestions are quoted at length today in a full-page article about buying gold for investment in the finance section of the Mail on Sunday, the UK's best-selling mid-market tabloid newspaper.

Asked about British gold Sovereign coins – sometimes promoted as 'rare' or highly collectible – "Do not feel pressured into buying due to a special offer," The Mail quotes BullionVault's advice, "as such coins are always available."

Indeed, the Sovereign is the UK's most popular gold bullion coin. But there are other ways to invest in the metal at "more competitive" costs.

To learn more, see the Mail on Sunday's full story here:

Is splashing out £400 on a Sovereign REALLY a worthwhile investment? Or just...FOOL'S GOLD

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