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Russia 1: 'Never Too Much Gold!'

LONDON, 22 May 2019 – BullionVault director of research Adrian Ash was quoted at length this evening in a discussion about Moscow's growing gold reserves on national TV station Russia 1's primetime current affairs show, 60 Minutes.

"Heavy gold-buying by governments or central banks is rarely a good sign for world peace and co-operation," the show quoted Adrian.

If Russia's buying continues at its current pace, his analysis says Moscow may overtake France and Italy to enter the top three gold-holders within a year.

"What he says is right," said studio guest Alexei Zhuravlyov, state deputy in Russia's Duma parliament, commenting on Adrian's analysis and adding that "There's no such thing as too much!"

The debate also contrasts the surge in Russia's national gold reserves with its weak appeal to foreign investment flows, falling behind other emerging economies with inbound investment worth just 0.2% of GDP over the last 3 years.

You can watch the gold reserves segment with English subtitles here:

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