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Portfolio Adviser: Gold's Role for Absolute Returns

LONDON, 18 March 2019 – Exclusive analysis from BullionVault is published today in UK finance professionals' magazine Portfolio Adviser.

"Should absolute returns funds make a priority of reviewing gold as a portfolio hedge?" asks Adrian in his 700-word review of the issue.

"Late 2018's stock-market slump certainly sent some managers into what news-wires and pundits insist on calling 'safe haven' gold.

"[But while] waiting for trouble to start didn't stop a portfolio benefiting from gold's gains as first the Dotcom and then the Banking Crash hit, it may be a mistake to assume that gold will prove so accommodating during the next downturn in stocks."

Subscribers can read Adrian's full article on page 14 of the March edition, or visit Portfolio Adviser here:

Gold is long-term insurance plan, not a quick fix for market pain

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