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MarketWatch: BullionVault Users Sell as Gold Spikes

LONDON, 7 June 2019 – BullionVault users as a group have taken advantage of gold's fastest price rise in 15 months to sell and take profit this week, reports US news-site MarketWatch.

"[Today] saw gold trading volumes on BullionVault's online market for precious metals up 209% from the previous 365-day average," MarketWatch says of Friday's action.

"Demand to buy grew 13% from the last 12 months daily average. However, the quantity of selling leapt by 362%."

All told, BullionVault users have liquidated $10.5 million of gold since last Friday, the report goes on, "pulling the total quantity of gold bullion vaulted for its clients down to the lowest since May 2018 at 38.6 metric tons."

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