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Daily Mail: 'Bullion Expert Slams Gordon Brown'

LONDON, 8 May 2019 – The UK's Daily Mail online, one of the world's 65 most-visited websites, today quotes BullionVault comment on yesterday's 20th anniversary of then-Chancellor Gordon Brown moving to halve the nation's stock of gold reserves.

It was "perhaps the single worst investment of modern times," The Mail Online quotes BullionVault director of research Adrian Ash.

"Brown's decision came as the Tech Stock Bubble peaked and many other Western central banks also cut their holdings.

"[But] since then the global financial crisis has plainly made the case why private investors should hold a little gold as insurance, while emerging-market nations led by Russia and China have dramatically added to their national gold reserves."

Today's Scotland edition of the Daily Mail carries the story in print. You can read The Mail's report here:

'The worst investment of modern times'

Daily Mail