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FT: Paul Tustain, Fintech Entrepreneur

LONDON, 13 April 2019 – BullionVault founder and chairman Paul Tustain is profiled today in the Financial Times, the world's longest-running and most respected business newspaper.

Asked for the secret of his success, "Luck is important," says Paul. "At the start of the [mid-1980s'] computer revolution in the City I was 25, I had five years' experience in stockbroking and a computer science degree. That made me unusual."

After selling his first venture, a successful software business, at the turn of the millennium, Paul hit upon the idea of a gold-trading service quite by chance, because then-UK Chancellor Gordon Brown announced he would sell half of the UK's bullion reserves.

"If he hadn't I would never have noticed that gold had gone down in price...[and] it looked cheap."

You can read Paul's story, plus what he loves about his latest venture WhiskyInvestDirect, and also about his passion for restoring Art Deco furniture, in today's Weekend FT or online here:

My First Million: Paul Tustain, founder of BullionVault

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