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Bloomberg: Gold Investors Take Profit

LONDON, 14 January 2019 – BullionVault's latest Gold Investor Index is cited today by global news and data agency Bloomberg in a report on private-investor gold demand.

While the UK's Royal Mint says its sales revenue in January rose 73% from a year earlier, "brokerage BullionVault reported a drop in its Gold Investor Index," says Bloomberg.

With the Mint saying its upturn is "no doubt largely attributed to Brexit turmoil and subsequent market volatility," BullionVault's Gold Investor Index "fell in December to the lowest since August 2017," the news report goes, because "selling increased as investors took profits after gold gained 5.1% to reach a six-month high."

Read the full report at Bloomberg here:

Brexit Turmoil Spurs UK Investors to Buy Gold, Royal Mint Says


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